ROI Benchmark

ROI Benchmark Report

A vendor-neutral demonstration of value for a specific
IT product/solution deployment. It thoroughly analyzes
quantifiable and intangible benefits, calculated total cost
of ownership (TCO), risks, ROIs, and aggregated
end-user perception.

Bespoke 4-step Approach

ROI Benchmark report follows a unique four-step methodology,
where the QKS analyst aggregate insights from customer interactions
and surveys to validate the value proposition of an IT solution.

Customer Surveys

To highlight
pain points
addressed by the


To define
the types of
expenses involved in
a product roadmap


To evaluate
qualitative and
quantitative benefits
at all events

ROI & Break-Even

To analyze
cost-benefits and
payback period for
target customers

Make Progressive Investment Decision With

Third-Party Validation

Transparency and

Reasoning for
Product Adoption

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Highlights of the ROI Benchmark Report

With a strong emphasis on extensive financial analysis along with
qualitative aspects of technology adoption, the reports reflects
the true value of a vendor’s IT solution/product through:

Understanding customer pain points & challanges

Highlighting Quantified /objective Financial Insights

Featuring some Notable Customer Quotes Before & After Purchase

Creating a Target Customer Profile

Showcasing Strategic & Tactical Benefits

Analyzing Incurred Cost & Enhanced Benefits

Discover the tangible
and intangible benefits
of software investments
with our robust return on
investment benchmark tool.

Neelam Singh

Practice Director
Quadrant Knowledge Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

It's Not Just Another ROI Calculator

Quantiatative & Qualitative Analysis of the Benefits

Vendor Neutral

Insights Into Customer Interactions & Feedback

Detailed Calculations of TCO, Risks & payback Period

Drive Progressive Technology Investment With Confidence

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